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Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Here are the first tips to choose the perfect wedding dress,
the one that will make you shine on your big day!

We've been helping some of our brides with their choices for years and many of our readers send us messages about it. So it was only logical to start our new style of posts there.

So all this week, we decided to share with you all our tips to find the dress of your dreams. Well, especially the one you will get married in, which is often very different from the one you imagined ... You will see : )))

Each day will be dedicated to a key element.

Your dress should be an extension of who you are, the quintessence of your inner self.

That's exactly what it is! With it you must feel simply sublime. Besides, when it is the right one, the emotion will be there, powerful and sweet. Trust your instinct.

A dress is a whole: a style, a cut, fabrics, a wear....

Whether you choose it online (and yes, it is now possible, especially for this famous Australian brand...), in a corner, a ready-to-wear or specialized store, the same rules apply.

At the end of this series of posts you will have all the elements to feel confident, divine and exceptional when all the eyes of your future husband are on you.

Shall we begin ?


Today, we start with the choice of the shape and style of your dress.

And of course, it all starts with your body type. You dream of a mermaid dress: okay, but it's a bit like the cyclist, it goes to 5% of the female population! So let's already define your silhouette and then we will move on to the different shapes. You will see, your perfect dress is inevitably among these models.

There are also five types of dresses: the A-line, the empire, the princess, the fourreau and the mermaid.

The A-Line

Quel type de robes de mariée - Ligne A
Line-A dress - Île de Ré Wedding

This shape, in the shape of the letter A, will necessarily fit most brides-to-be.

This very timeless dress starts from the waist and is not adjusted at the hips. It refines almost all brides ...

Long or short, with a boat neckline, a bare back, a V-neckline ... it doesn't matter; its narrow bodice and its fuller petticoat perfectly balance the silhouette.

The empire

Quel type de robe de mariée - Empire
Empire dress - Île de Ré Wedding

With its classic style, this shape magnifies most body types. It's just fantastic.

The high waist is just below the bust, then often the rest of the dress "floats" to the ankles or floor. It's often a very airy dress.

The small ", they love them: the bodice is smaller than the majority of dresses, which lengthens the legs thanks to its very high waist. This cut is therefore suitable for a smaller bust. A nice trick...

Its shape makes it an excellent choice for a maternity wedding dress, especially with a tulle skirt and spaghetti straps...

The princess

Quel type de robe de mariée - Princesse
Robe Princesse - Île de Ré Wedding

Wake up the little girl in you. For those who love the spectacular side.

This is basically a LINE A dress, but from the waist up, everything changes. The petticoats are layered to give volume and the waist is often even more "pinched" to flatter the figure.

This is the ball gown par excellence (remember all the tales) whether it is traditional or modern, embroidered or simple, with or without a train.

The fourreau

Quel type de robe de mariée - Fourreau
Fourreau Dress - Île de Ré Wedding

A dress for those who aspire to a classic and timeless look.

The fabric hugs the body all the way to the hips before falling straight or slightly lower on the thighs. The slim fit lengthens the figure, so it's great for shorter women.

If you're looking for simplicity, this is the dress for you.

The mermaid

Quel type de robe de mariée - Sirène
Mermaid dress - Île de Ré Wedding

A spectacular dress only for some!

This style hugs the entire body from neckline to knees before flaring out into a fishtail skirt to create a rather sexy silhouette. Not to be confused with the sheath skirt which starts higher, at the hips or mid-thigh.

The gait to adopt is particular (a bit like in a fashion show) and it is obviously more difficult to dance since your legs are enclosed... Many brides have a second dress for the evening itself.

To be reserved for the big ones to avoid the "compact" style...

The cocktail

Quel type de robe de mariée - Cocktail
Cocktail dress - Île de Ré Wedding

It includes all forms.

It works very well for civil ceremonies, beach weddings, city weddings and for all those who simply want something different.

We also love the looser shapes (see some examples below) for a modern and extremely elegant look.

We also find other forms just as charming.


As its name suggests, the waist of the dress is located towards the hips. It lengthens the bust and usually has a petticoat more voluminous going to the feet. This style is also found in the dresses 20s and 30s rather fluid. It is better to be tall to wear them.


It is the ultra short dress par excellence. The hem is well above the knee; for those who want and can reveal their legs.


The midi dress slightly reveals the legs, the petticoat stopping at mid-calf. A 50's style that highlights most women with its well marked waist. It is the occasion to emphasize a splendid pair of shoes, why not of color, to accessorize it.


Be original by reversing the traditional codes of a wedding dress. Play on the proportions with a top more voluminous (like puffed sleeves) than the bottom of the dress (often a pencil skirt, close to the body). For those who are very thin and tall.


This is the alternative between the long and the short. It allows you to reveal your shoes in front while hiding them behind to leave room for the train of the dress, for a more romantic side.

You now know the types of dresses.

Which one do you like the most? Which one do you think you will feel most fulfilled in on the big day? We are going to move on to the morphologies and you will see that the shape for which you have had a crush is not necessarily the one in which you will be sublimated!

Overall, there are five types of morphologies: O, A, H, 8, V.
Quelle morphologie pour quel type de robe de mariée
Type of morphologies for wedding dresses - Île de Ré Wedding

Can you recognize yours ?

Many wedding dresses cuts are suitable for most morphologies and sizes. On the other hand, some will enhance you more than others and obviously the others are simply to be banned (let's be a little radical and think of the cyclist!!!). Then, the important thing will be that you feel at ease at the time of the fitting. All our tips for this moment will be found in our 6th article dedicated to the theme "DRESSES".

The O-shaped morphology, also called "round"

TYpe de morphologie pour robe de mariée - Type O
O-shaped morphology - Île de Ré Wedding

You are an O-shaped body type if you have a silhouette with generous curves and you do not have a marked waist.

This is the opportunity to assume or erase your curves according to your optics and to put forward what you like the most in you.

What dresses to wear when you are a O?

Dresses with a V-neck, heart-shaped if you do not have too much chest.

If on the contrary, you have a generous chest, opt for square or U-shaped collars. Strapless dresses are not the best option if you want to be comfortable.

Empire dresses and dresses with a flared bottom if your hips are prominent or with a straight cut if they are not too prominent.

If you have a complex on your arms, do not hesitate to add a stole or a bolero to your dress, they will add a touch of elegance to the whole or simply take a dress with sleeves ...

The A morphology, also called "pyramid"

Quelle morphologie pour quel type de robe - Type A
A morphology - Île de Ré Wedding

You are an A shape if you have narrow shoulders and wide hips and if your waist is the same width as your shoulders.

The morphology known as "in pear" is besides the most widespread among the women. A dress that enhances your smaller bust, marks your waist and slims your hips is the best option for you.

What dresses to wear when you're a A?

Empire dresses and princess dresses are for you! Prefer them in light materials such as lace, silk and satin, and don't forget the cotton twill always very fashionable.

Dresses with a fancy bustier, with small ruffled sleeves are your ally to attract attention on the upper body.

As far as collars are concerned, opt for a U-neck, square or cowl neck for large breasts and V-necks, sweetheart neck, boat neck, round neck and plunging neck for medium to small breasts.

A short train can be considered.

The H morphology, also called "rectangle"

Quelle morphologie pour quel type de robe - Type H
H morphology - Île de Ré Wedding

You are an H-shaped body type if your shoulders and hips are the same width and your waist is not very marked. This figure is generally devoid of prominent shapes.

Choose a dress that will enhance your bust and give you the illusion of more curves for a more slender figure.

What dresses to wear when you're in an H shape?

Empire dresses, straight and fitted flowing dresses.

Dresses with a marked waist at the level of the hips and slightly flared at the bottom.

Give some pep to your dress with an asymmetric corset or a fancy bustier.

A bare back will also be welcome, as well as a short train to enhance the dress.

Dresses with a plunging neckline, a boat neck, round or cowl neck will be ideal to highlight a smaller chest. If you have enough bust, a sweetheart neckline can be a good option.

Morphology 8, also called "hourglass" and its variant the X also called "trapezium"

Quelle morphologie pour quel type de robe - Type 8
8 morphology - Île de Ré Wedding

You are a figure 8 if your shoulders and hips are the same width, slightly rounded, with a marked waist.

You have a generous chest and a more or less rounded buttocks. You have the ideal silhouette for dresses that will highlight your curves: a nice neckline will certainly give you a glamorous look.

Its variant, the X, is based on the same criteria except that your curves are more generous; you are generally slimmer and have a less voluminous chest. Your marked waist is your greatest asset.

What dresses to wear when you're an 8 and X?

You can afford almost any type of dress!

Dare to wear asymmetrical and unstructured dresses, strapless dresses, dresses with thin straps, short dresses, long dresses with a train...

A dress with a flared bottom such as the mermaid dress or a sheath dress close to the body will give you a glamorous look instantly.

Princess dresses will also look great on you and will mark your waist.

For larger breasts, prefer sweetheart or square necklines and allow yourself plunging necklines if your chest is less prominent.

The V morphology, also called "inverted pyramid"

Quelle morphologie pour quel type de robe - Type V
V morphology - Île de Ré Wedding

You have a V shape if your shoulders are wider than your waist and hips; we generally say that you have an athlete's build.

Your legs are your greatest asset; you must show them off at all costs in a dress that emphasizes your lower body.

Which dresses when you are in V?

Dresses with a V-neck, sweetheart or round neck will bring softness to your shoulders; don't hesitate to turn to thick straps or sleeves.

Dresses with bare backs or slits on the petticoat are judicious to feminize the silhouette with subtlety.

To show off your legs, this is the time to opt for a shorter dress. Allow yourself asymmetrical dresses in the skirt, shorter in front than behind or trapeze or cocktail shape stopping above the knee.

Princess dresses with a tulle petticoat are a good alternative because they will bring volume to the hips and balance the silhouette.

What dresses to wear when you're a "petite" figure?

The empire cut dresses will lengthen your legs thanks to their high waist.

Cocktail dresses with or without a train without too much petticoat to avoid compressing your silhouette.

Long dresses that reach the ground and are slightly flared at the bottom.

In general, prefer light, fluid dresses with a train that is not too long and that will not enclose your silhouette. Allow yourself V-necklines to give an illusion of height and don't forget a nice pair of pumps to accentuate this effect!

And when you are tall?

Long, mid-calf and short dresses will all suit you, only the cut counts.

Mermaid dresses marked at the waist and tightened at the hips.

Dresses that are shorter in the front than in the back. The asymmetrical side will break up the effect of size and will also emphasize your slender legs.

Dresses with draping to add vertical shape if you are slim.

Long trains are for you; they will never pack you down. A slit skirt will also work well to subtly show off your legs.

Two-piece dresses are also a good alternative because they allow you to split the silhouette.

Remember, the style of dress you choose sets the tone for the rest of your wedding. So make sure your outfit matches the theme you've chosen. Or define your theme based on the dress you've fallen for!



Now that you have the shape, it's up to you to determine the style that suits you in image!


A classic dress, elegant, without any false steps. Its simplicity will be your asset if you are looking for a dress that goes easily with everything or almost!


This dress is made for all those who want to go further and dare, especially on their wedding day. Very progressive and avant-garde, long, short ... No matter, it is the spirit that counts.


This is the dress that some people dreamed of when they were little. A very fairy tale dress. The fabrics and embroidery will make all the difference, not to mention the accessories.


Ideal to emphasize your forms, it is a dress which marries the forms with wonder. It will captivate all the eyes for sure. It works particularly well for city weddings.


Its fluid lines and delicate lace will magnify you. Very versatile, it will please all those who are looking for a natural dress with sometimes guipure. It will also work if you want to play on the chic side, retro, hipster ...


A rather natural dress with its bucolic and light air more traditional. You can find floral and plant motifs. It is perfect if you are looking for something less sophisticated than a princess or mermaid dress.


Vintage dresses are making a comeback! Recently revived, it is the opportunity to wear the family wedding dress or to go to a designer who was inspired by it... Here, we are obviously more on the style than the shape itself. Originality and details are required. Old is new !


Dare the short for variety. As a first or second wedding outfit, for a civil ceremony, especially when it takes place the day before or well before. And it can include all other styles...


An option more and more considered... Checking the dress box is absolutely not mandatory; everything is possible for your wedding! You will make as much sensation in a top and skirt set, a combination, a revisited suit... A touch of color, just white, everything is possible. And energize your outfit with a pair of pumps or ballerinas.


Finally, don't put any pressure on yourself to find your dress! Trust yourself; when you see it and wear it, you will feel that it is the right one.


Tomorrow, we'll talk about drags, halter tops and other details that will make all the difference.

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