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Mariage sur la plage Île de Ré Wedding




Mariage Île de Ré Wedding


That's it, you just answered " YES " to the most beautiful, funny, original, singular marriage proposals. In fact, whaterver the style, what matters is the moment you just lived.  

Your family is delighted and your friends are looking forward to the weekend. As for your closest friends, they want to organize a real EVJF or EVG.

We are a few months or weeks away from your D-Day (it can be organized by us on LÎle de Ré, Paris, Mauritius, Zanzibar ... a Greek island); it's time to set up one of your first memorable event.

The big question is obviously where to organize it?

L'Île de Ré is one of the favorite destinations to spend these few days that will make the difference.

Ré is easy to access from all over France, but also from London, Brussels, Milan, Geneva ... And we are 5 minutes away from La Rochelle-Ile de Ré airport and 20 minutes from the train station ...

As for the program, everything is tailor-made; we create bespoke bachelor and bachelorette parties based on the number of participants, the season (and yes, think about coming in the fall), your style and what you want to experience.




Accommodation & Transportation 

We can handle everything for you including train and airport transfers.


Des maisons et des villas pour vous réunir de 6 à 22 personnes le temps d'un petit ou grand weekend. Nous pouvons également vous proposer des hôtels.


Gather at houses and villas from 6 to 22 people for a short or long weekend. We can also offer you hotels and B&Bs.


When it comes to it, everything is really possible. Outdoors and indoors activities, discoveries, live experiences... At only 2:30 of Paris.

Quality time with a chef to cook local and homemade products and tips to create the perfect photos for Instagram.

A cocktail contest with a bartender  and receipe made with the vodka and the gin of the island.

A studio and an outdoor photo shoot performed by a photographer published in leading fashion magazines. With make-up artist and a hairdresser who will sublimate you. 

An old car ride on the island with stops to experience Ré from the sea with paddle, from land on our bicycle pathways...

A great cocktail on the beach and horsebacking at sunset.

An afternoon at the best spa of the island with masseuses, beauticians, makeup artists and hairdressers. A great moment, but also a fantastic way to learn little secrets to be sublime every day.

An evening with one of the best French sommelier to perfect your knowledge of wines, better appreciate them, plus some surprising blind tests.

A beach party, very hygge, GI, with yoga and meditation. Or the opposite with great picnics, music, line dancing classes  ...


With your logotype. One we created for you or one you give us: tee-shirts, aprons, tote bags, caps, mugs...

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