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Bienvenue au mariage d'Ève et Martin Kretz, panneau d'accueil.
Un mariage bohème sur l'Île de Ré

Discover this beautiful bohemian wedding imagined with and for a truly fantastic couple who, for a weekend, brought together family and close friends. Love was in the Air ... Really! As usual, we won't be showing the bride and groom, these moments are theirs, but only a part of what we created for these two memorable days. To begin: a beautiful villa with blooming jasmines, large interior and exterior volumes to accommodate everyone but also for each guest to enjoy moments of privacy ....

The style, ours and theirs

From the decoration to the setting of the buffets to the supports of presentation of the dishes through the crockery, the accessories, the vases, the tablecloths, the lighting ... everything has been selected in our house stock.

It is obviously our trademark, but it is also another way of working with caterers who understand our spirit and use our material or with our florist who composes and expresses herself with our flowers and our containers.

A few pictures that have captured the spirit of this unique wedding with love and kindness.

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