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A very chic wedding in a greenhouse on l' Île de Ré

Une ancienne serre réhabilité le temps d'un mariage. Une vraie mise en scène avec son plafond de verdure, ses arbres, ses lanternes, ses plantes grimpantes, ses lanternes, ses bulles de verre, ses guirlandes guinguette, ses étagères, ses grandes tables d'hôtes nappées de blanc, les chaises de bois et le vélo suspendu.
A very chic wedding on l'Île de Ré

What a joy to have been alongside these fantastic September groom and groom. An always enthusiastic couple, full of humor, charming and handsome, attentive to details and in love with the island.

The greenhouses of Saint-Clément immediately won them over. An atypical space, raw, timeless, with incredible charm with the nearby marshes. But obviously to imagine, to stage, to invent.

Things were greatly facilitated since one of the groom is an interior designer ... We immediately understood their expectations and in return they were able to appreciate our ideas and the common thread that we wanted to decline: highlighting the vintage side of the place and recreate the spirit of a real greenhouse for an evening.

The site is remarkably empty, a nice challenge to take up, but also the pleasure working in a blank canvas where everything is possible.

And the greenhouse at night, after sunset, always a nice moment. Anticipation, waiting for discovery ...

Some nice moments shooted by Nicolas Duvivier.

And the discovery after a year of planning...

And a stunning newlywed entrance !

And we like to add useful but always aesthetically interesting elements to our weddings, like this lounge tent always very popular with guests during the second or third part of the evening.

Discover some other pictures from Ben Dauchez et Nicolas Duvivier.

A nice overview of the wedding, without revealing too much of the privacy of the groom & groom and their guests.

A culinary service provided by Little Delights and Tristan de Cock.

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